Trading & Products

In line with our company’s name and belief in Blue Ocean strategies, we shall keep looking for options and channels to promote your businesses to the next level and standing out from the crowd.

In year 2022, we are the appointed authorised dealer of 59s the global leader in manufacturing disinfections lights and bars. The existence of Covid-19 has flooded globally, since the end of year 2019 till presence.

The recurring costs and expenses in subscribing to manual cleaning, disinfections, sanitising and downtime of business operations have been painful and costly to many business owners and same for us here too.

With the introduction of this UVC lightings and sanitising bars in year 2021, it will resolve these painful experiences to many of us while keeping our workspace or home safe from the viruses. One price that last for years. 

With the implementation of UVC disinfection products, there will be no downtime in operations and serving customers while providing a clean, hygiene and safe spot for both your employees and customers who visit your premises.

These are not the all that we’ve. We promise you that we will keep searching for cutting edge innovation and technology to serve you better.

We specialise in silk screen printing on a variety of products, including key holders, pens, electronic gadgets, backpacks, etc. The list goes on.

If you have any products that are not listed here, feel free to contact us on how we can meet your printing needs.

Our customer portfolio includes agents, distributors, corporate customers, SME customers, gifts & premiums company. We also offer our services to retail customers, to further boost their brand awareness in the market.

In addition, with our wide network of partners in the gifts & premiums industry, we can advise you on sourcing for unique and relevant products for your businesses. So talk to us now!

When we put all the 4 pillars together, our customers can easily design a consistent, cohesive look that carries across their entire business, whether they operate in-store, online, on-site or on the go. With that, they can walk through a door with confidence, know they can keep up with the competition and make things happen right now.

It’s not just a challenge but an opportunity! Our team is here to help the SME businesses to glow in your respective industry.