Ghost Printing kitchen

Our company specialise in silk screen printing for more than 20 years printing experience on all type of flat surface items (except for silicon material) – non woven bags, backpacks, electronic gadgets, household items, power banks & etc. 

We’ve supported many of the advertising, event agencies, gifts and premium agents in providing high quality, silk screen printing for their flat surface products – company’s logo, events, branding & etc

Supported our clients on B L P – Creating Branding | Loyalty | Profitability in their business.

Why silk screen printing vs machine printing?

  1. The flexibility and customisation printing according to the items sizes, printing areas vs machine with limitations
  2. Onsite printing options are available on demand for bulky, privacy items to leave the site
  3. The precision and sharpness of printing quality
  1. Onsite set-up for bulky heavy items 
  2. Customised, on-site setup for those high privacy/security items to leave client’s premise